Premium Drinking Water From Hawaii!

Pacific Aqua Beverages introduces Wai’ao Water – an innovative bag-in-box for maximum freshness & protection of your drinking water.

A new generation of
recyclable packaging!

Wai’ao Water is responsibly drawn to maintain the viability of our island aquifers and is sustainably packaged in 100% recyclable materials to protect our environment.

Premium Drinking Water from Hawai‘i

Make a simple choice to help save our planet. By making small changes like switching to Wai’Ao Water, you can help save the Earth one drink at a time.

Responsibly Sourced

Natural rainwater filtered through lava rock and sustainably replenished from underground aquifers.

Packaging is 100% Recyclable

WAI ’AO packaging is completely recyclable and the box can be upcycled as a planter and grow wild flowers from our promotional seeded paper.


Only a fraction of consumer plastic is recycled. Most of it is thrown away eventually ending up in a landfill or in the ocean. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose polluting the environment and harming the wildlife.