WAI ’AO™ Water maintains its quality long after opening. WAI ’AO Bag shrink during dispensing, extending the quality of water by not allowing oxygen to enter.

  • Our recyclable corrugated box is reinforced with interior water barrier coating and anti-sag “sesame tape”.
  • The bag inside the box is a multi-film bag specifically designed for water. Each individually coded bag is marked with a lot number for tracking and tracing.
  • The bag and dispenser are BPA free.
  • The vacuum created inside the bag as water depletes, maintains the quality of the water for weeks. No oxygen is allowed inside the bag as water is dispensed with the bag’s excellent oxygen penetration barrier.
  • The spout has an actuated tap to control volume output.
  • The spout has a tamper evident seal for food safety compliance and customer confidence.
  • The tap is flow controlled by the bag to prevent flow variation avoiding spills and splashing.
  • Over 90% less plastic from PET bottles!

WAI ’AO’s product to packaging ratio is so favorable it optimizes storage, shipping and stock efficiencies by over 500%.

WAI ’AO packaging is completely recyclable and the box can be upcycled as a planter and grow wold flowers from our promotional seeded paper.

WAI ’AO Water

Premium Drinking Water from Hawai’i